Lichtlesung - Archiv

  The following Mandates, due to their distribution, gain strength and become Reality.
Jahn J Kassl
  (1) Put down the Weapons!
We are powerful Beings and strong-willed Creator Gods. Due to this mandate we let every human Being partake in the grace of Heaven, which cares for each life to a sufficient degree. Wars need to be banned from this world! I have demanded it! We have decided it!
  (2) Reveal the Truth to the World Public!
Mandate of the awakened human Being, so that all intentions and deeds of the dark Orion System are brought to the attention of the World Public. Truth liberates us and today we are unconditionally willing to reveal this truth, so that mankind heals and the new earth can take shape!
Jahn J Kassl
  (3) Act of Liberation!
Manifesting Signs of Decay of this Matrix, ensuring the Exit from the 3D and 4D Matrix, and affecting the Departure to the 5th Dimension. This will be achieved due to a 3-day Meditation, whereby the constant binding to our loving heart vibration is attained.
“It is the goal of permanently maintaining this heart vibration in order to be able to act outside of this Matrix.” BABAJI
  (4) 3 Fire-Rituals
Take paper and ink, write down whatever burdens you, make yourself aware of everything possible, and hand it over to the fire of SHIVA. If conditions remain, repeat this sacred ritual until you are exempted from all evil and from things that bind you to this matrix.
"Nowadays you have to pay highest attention to the ravage of destructive energies and by virtue of this authorization through the fire ritual I gave you an important present for your further journey home.” BABAJI
  (5) Ring of Light
Child abuse as well as murdering of our youngest ones are certainly among the most heinous crimes on this planet. For me this is an unbearable and absolutely intolerable situation, which we can now bring to an end on an energetic level and impede on the fixed material factual level. This message from Lady Nada will show us the way, how we can manifest our intent and we will be enabled to manifest the RING OF LIGHT.
“The flag of justice blows in the midst of the greatest turmoil. The banner becomes visible and is spreading confidence, light and love. In the midst of greatest hardship the armies of the angels are marching to watch over their children.”